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Traveling Abroad

In recent years, more and more citizens are traveling abroad. In 1995, the number of people who choose to travel abroad was about 10000. The number quadrupled to nearly 40000 in 2000. And in 2005, the number further climbed above 12000. There are several reasons for the shocking rise. To begin with, the improvement of the life standards makes traveling abroad affordable to more and more people. Moreover, the convenient transportation facilities make more destinations accessible. The last but not the least, after visiting most famous scenic spots throughout our country, exotic cultures seem to appeal more to many citizens. And gradually, they begin to treat traveling abroad as a new fashion.

This trend is beneficial for people on the whole. On one hand, it is a very interesting and romantic way to spend one's



vacation. On the other hand, it enlarges people's vision by having a look at what is going on in a different country.




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【二】:英语作文 出国旅游与国内旅游

Nowadays,the question that whether people benefit more from traveling in their own country,is arousing more public attention for the very reason that it concerns our life deeply.It is held by some people that traveling to foreign countries is a better choice,for they can experience what they have never experienced before.While there is an equally good argument,which I can't agree more,that traveling in their own country is more meaningful.There are two views which can prove my opinion.

First,people who visit their own country can have a further understanding of their motherland, while traveling abroad can only enjoy the beautiful scenery without understanding the spirit of the country and even reading a foreign book can gain more knowledge about a foreign country.Therefore,going abroad seems meaningless to such an extent that sometimes it's just a waste of time and money.

Second,for most people,they have never been to the most part of their own country.Thus when they talk about their own country with the foreigners,they may fail to describe many places of interesting in their native country,while the foreigners are less interested in their experience in the foreign country,which shows that traveling abroad can by no means escape from the blame for a contaminated atmosphere of today's society,and it's high time that measures should be taken.So,people should spend more time visiting some native places which are regarded as the precious treasure,and they will have more topics with the foreigners,which is helpful to their future.

All in all,I claim that people should pay more attention to the traveling in their own country,because it's good for them to have a better understanding of their own country and they will have more topics with others.Only in this way can they live in a better life.




  1. 谢谢!—— Thank you.

  2. 多谢!-- Thanks a lot.

  3. 对不起,麻烦你。—— Excuse me.

  4. 抱歉。—— Excuse the mess.

  5. 需要帮忙吗?--Can I help you.

  6. 谢谢你的帮助。—— Thank you for helping me.

  7. 无论如何,我还要感谢你。—— Thanks, anyway.

  8. 您好。--How are you!

  9. 初次见面问好。—— How do you do!

  10. 很高兴见到你。—— (It's) nice to meet you.

  11. 请问您从哪来。--Where are you from?

  12. 请问贵姓。--Can I have your name?

  13. 我叫...。—— My name is ... (I'm ...)

  14. 很高兴认识你。—— It was a pleasure meeting you.

  15. 很高兴见到你。—— Pleased to meet you.

  16. 希望再见到你。—— Hope to see you again.

  17. 这是不是说我以后可以再见到你?—— Does that mean that I can see you again?

  18. 玩得快乐--Have a good time.

  19. 祝你好运。—— Good luck.

  20. 我希望没事。—— I hope nothing is wrong.

  21. 怎么了?—— What's the matter?

  22. 糟糕,严重吗?—— Oh, no! Is it serious?

  23. 我真为你难过。—— I'm sorry for you.

  24. 一路平安,走好。—— Have a safe trip home.

  25. 二、出国旅游常用的英语口语:问路篇

  一、 方向

  26. East 东

  27. South 南

  28. West 西

  29. North 北

  30. Left 左

  31. Right 右

  32. Straight on 往 前 直 去

  33. There 那 儿

  34. Front 前 方

  35. Back 后 方

  36. Side 侧 旁

  37. Before 之 前

  38. After 之 后

  39. First left/right 第 一 个 转 左 / 右 的 路

  40. 二、请问如何前往 ...

  41. Excuse me, How do I get to the ....... ? 请 问 如 何 前 往 ¨ ¨ ¨ ?

  42. How do I get to the airport? 请 问 如 何 前 往 机 场 ?

  43. How do I get to the bus station? 请 问 如 何 前 往 公 车 站 ?

  44. How do I get to the metro station? 请 问 如 何 前 往 地 下 铁 路 站 ?

  45. ( Metro 乃 欧 洲 常 用 字 )

  46. How do I get to the subway station? 请 问 如 何 前 往 地 下 铁 路 站 ?

  47. ( Subway 乃 北 美 洲 常 用 字 )

  48. How do I get to the underground station? 请 问 如 何 前 往 地 下 铁 路 站 ?

  49. ( underground 乃 英 国 常 用 字 )

  50. How do I get to the train station? 请 问 如 何 前 往 火 车 站 ?

  51. How do I get to the hotel XXX? 请 问 如 何 前 往 XXX 酒 店 ?

  52. How do I get to the police station? 请 问 如 何 前 往 警 局 ?

  53. How do I get to the post office? 请 问 如 何 前 往 邮 政 局 ?www.fz173.com_出国旅游的建议,英文作文。

  54. How do I get to the tourist information office? 请 问 如 何 前 往 旅 游 资 讯 局 ?

  55. 三、请问附近 ...

  56. Excuse me, Is there ....... near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 ...?


  57. Is there a baker near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 面 包 店 ?

  58. Is there a bank near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 银 行 ?

  59. Is there a bar near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 酒 吧 ?

  60. Is there a bus stop near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 公 车 站 ?

  61. Is there a cafe near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 咖 啡 店 ?

  62. Is there a cake shop near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 西 饼 店 ?

  63. Is there a change bureau near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 找 换 店

  64. Is there a chemist's near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 药 剂 师 ?

  65. Is there a department store near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 百 货 公 司

  66. Is there a disco near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 的 士 高 ?

  67. Is there a hospital nearby? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 医 院 ?

  68. Is there a night club near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 夜 总 会 ?

  69. Is there a post box near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 邮 政 局 ?

  70. Is there a public toilet near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 公 共 厕 所 ?

  71. Is there a restaurant near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 餐 厅 ?

  72. Is there a telephone near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 电 话 ?

  73. Is there a travel agent near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 旅 游 社 ?

  74. Is there a youth hostel near by? 请 问 附 近 有 没 有 青 年 旅 馆 ?

  75. 出国旅游常用英语口语—住宿篇

  76. 出国旅游常用的英语口语:住宿篇

  77. 我會晚一点到达,请保留所预订的房间。

  78. I'll arrive late, but please keep my reservation.

  79. 我在台北已预订房间。

  80. I made a reservation in Taipei.

  81. 我的名字是王明明。

  82. My name is Wang Ming-Ming.

  83. 我想要一间安静一点的房间。

  84. I'd like a quiet room.

  85. 我想要楼上的房间。

  86. I'd like a room on the upper level.

  87. 我想要一间视野好(有阳台)的房间。

  88. I'd like a room with a nice view (a balcony).

  89. 随时都有热水供应吗?

  90. Is hot water available any time?

  91. 我可以看一看房间吗?

  92. May I see the room?

  93. 是否还有更大的(更好的/更便宜的)房间?

  94. Do you have anything bigger (better/cheaper)?

  95. 我要订这间房间。

  96. I'll take this room.

  97. 麻烦填写这张住宿登记表。

  98. Would you fill in this registration form?

  99. 这里可使用信用卡(旅行支票)吗?

  100. Do you accept credit crads(traveler's checks)?

  101. 是否可代为保管贵重物品?

  102. Could you keep my valuables?

  103. 餐厅在那儿?

  104. Where is the dining room?

  105. 餐厅几点开始营业?

  106. What time does the dining room open?

  107. 早餐几点开始供应?

  108. What time can I have breakfast?

  109. 旅馆内有美容院(理发院)吗?

  110. Is there a beauty salon(barber shop)?

  111. 是否可给我一张有旅馆地址的名片?

  112. Can I have a card with the hotel's address?

  113. 是否可在此购买观光巴士券?

  114. Can I get a ticket for the sight-seeing bus here?

  115. 最近的地铁站在那里?

  116. Where is the nearest subway station?

  117. 出国旅游常用英语口语—餐厅点餐篇

  118. 出国旅游常用的英语口语:餐厅点餐篇

  119. 到异国品尝美食可说是旅游的乐趣之一,然而,若是语言不通,大概就很难品尝餐厅最受好评的菜色了。因此,学會基本点餐说法,适当的询问服务生,并表达自己喜好,包管可以让自己吃得道地又满足。

  120. 请给我菜单。

  121. May I have a menu,please?

  122. 是否有中文菜单?

  123. Do you have a menu in chinese?

  124. 在用晚餐前想喝些什麼吗?

  125. Would you like something to drink before dinner?

  126. 餐厅有些什麼餐前酒?

  127. What kind of drinks do you have for an aperitif?

  128. 可否让我看看酒单?

  129. May I see the wine list?

  130. 我可以点杯酒吗?

  131. May I order a glass of wine?

  132. 餐厅有那几类酒?

  133. What kind of wine do you have?

  134. 我想点当地出产的酒。

  135. I'd like to have some local wine.

  136. 我想要喝法国红酒。

  137. I'd like to have Frence red wine.

  138. 是否可建议一些不错的酒?

  139. Could you recommend some good wine?

  140. 我可以点餐了吗?

  141. May I order,please?

  142. 餐厅最特别的菜式是什麼?

  143. What is the specialty of the house?

  144. 餐厅有今日特餐吗?

  145. Do you have today's special?

  146. 我可以点与那份相同的餐吗?

  147. Can I have the same dish as that?

  148. 我想要一份开胃菜与排餐(鱼餐)。

  149. I'd like appetizers and meat(fish) dish.

  150. 我正在节食中。

  151. I'm on a diet.

  152. 我必须避免含油脂(盐份/糖份)的食物。

  153. I have to avoid food containing fat(salt/suger).

  154. 餐厅是否有供应素食餐?

  155. Do you have vegetarian dishs?

  156. 你的牛排要如何烹调?

  157. How do you like your steak?

  158. 全熟(五分熟/全生)。

  159. Well done (medium/rare),please.

  160. 姓:Family name,Surname

  161. 名:First Name,Given name

  162. 性别:sex,gender

  163. 男:male;女:female

  164. 国籍:nationality,country of citizenship

  165. 护照号:passport number

  166. 原住地:country of origin

  167. 前往国:destination country

  168. 登机城市:city where you boarded

  169. 签证签发地:city where visa was issued

  170. 签发日期:date of issue

  171. 出生日期:date of birth,birth datewww.fz173.com_出国旅游的建议,英文作文。

  172. 年:year;月:month;日:day

  173. 偕行人数:accompanying number

  174. 签名:signature

  175. 官方填写:official use only

  176. 职业:occupation

  177. 护照:Passport;签证:Visa

  178. 登机、启程:Embarkation

  179. 登岸:Disembarkation

  180. 商务签证:Business Visa

  181. 观光签证:Tourist Visa

  182. 乘机常用词汇

  183. 航站、终点站:Terminal

  184. 入境大厅:Arrival Lobby

  185. 出境大厅:Departure Lobby

  186. 登机门号码:Gate Number

  187. 登机证:Boarding Card,Boarding Pass

  188. 机场税:Airport Tax

  189. 登机手续办理处:Check in Counter

  190. 海关申报处:Customs Service Area

  191. 货币申报:Currency Declaration

  192. 免税商品:Duty-Free Items

  193. 大号:large;中号:medium;小号:small

  194. 纪念品:Souvenir

  195. 行李:Baggage,Luggage

  196. 托运的行李:Checked baggage

  197. 行李领取处:Baggage claim area

  198. 随身行李:Carry-on baggagewww.fz173.com_出国旅游的建议,英文作文。

  199. 行李牌:Baggage Tag

  200. 行李推车:Luggage Cart

  201. 退税处:Tax-free refund

  202. 盥洗室(厕所):Lavatory,washroom,toilet

  203. W.C.=water closet,rest room

  204. 男厕:Men's,Gent's,Gentlemen's

  205. 女厕:Women's,Lady's

  206. 使用中:Occupied

  207. 空闲:Vacant

  208. 男(女)空服员:Steward(Stewardess)

  209. 机内免税贩卖:In-Flight Sales

  210. 钱币兑换常用词汇

  211. 外币兑换店:Currency Exchange Shop

  212. 汇率:Exchange rate

  213. 旅行支票:Traveler's check

  214. 手续费:Commission

  215. 银行买入价:We buy(Bid)

  216. 银行卖出价:We sell(Ask)

  217. 酒店常用词汇

  218. 入住登记手续:Check-in

  219. 客房服务:Room Service

  220. 退房(时间):Check Out(Time)

  221. 前台:Front Desk,Reception

  222. 酒店大堂:Lobby

  223. 咖啡馆:Coffee shop

  224. 服务员,侍者:waiter(餐厅、旅馆的服务生、行李员)

  225. 电话叫醒服务:Wake Up Call,Morning Call

  226. 日常用语

  227. 你好,很高兴认识你:How do you do,I’m glad to meet you.(It's nice meeting you.)

  228. 请问你叫什么名字:May I have your name, please?

  229. 我可以试穿一下吗:May I try it on?

  230. 多少钱:How much?

  231. 请把菜单给我:Please show me the menu.

  232. 干杯:Cheers! Bottoms up!

  233. 我迷路了,您能告诉我怎么回饭店吗:I'm lost.Could you do me a favor to find my hotel?

  234. 你能帮我拍照吗:Could you take a picture for me?

  235. 非常感谢:Thank you very much.

  236. 不客气:You're welcome.

  237. 我就是忍不住:I just couldn't help it.

  238. 让我们保持联系:Let's keep in touch.

  239. 我怎样能跟你联络上:How can I get in touch with you?

  240. 我将会尽我最大努力:I'll do my best.

  241. 请稍等一下:Wait a moment please.

  242. 你先请:After you

  243. 我们该走了:We'd better be off.

  244. 我真要累死了:I'm really dead.




  Lucy is a stereotype western college student.She likes Asian cultures very much.So she would like to travel to Asia and her first stop is Japan.Before her


  departure,Lucy is having a talk with her Japanese friend Mike about Japanese culture.

  Lucy:I want to have a look at the typical Japanese culture.Do you have any ideas about where I should go?


  Mike:That is a wonderful idea. I hope you can have a great trip in my hometown.I recommend you to see the cherry blossom in Kyoto.


  Lucy:OK. I know cherry blossom represents a lot in Japan.


  Mike:Yes, you are right. And you should go to climb Mount Fuji. It is the highest mountain in Japan.


  Lucy:Oh. But I think it is too difficult for me. I heard that there are many volcanoes in Japan.



  Mike:Yes.You can take a bath in hot springs. It is good for your health.




  Mike goes on telling Lucy about Japanese culture compared with China.


  Mike:In ancient times, Japan has learned a lot from the Chinese culture.Therefore,you can see China and Japan share similarities in culture.


  Lucy:Yes, I have heard of that. Where have you been to when you are in Japan? Which one is your favorite place?


  Mike:I have been to a lot of places especially Tokyo. If you are a comics fan,Japan will be your heaven because you can find any types of comics you like.


  Lucy:I know that. I have a lot of friends who love Japanese comics very much.Even American celebrities love reading them.


  Mike:Japan has inherited many traditions and customs from China.


  Lucy:Yes. Especially from Tang Dynasty.



  Lucy returned from her travel of Japan.She is talking with Mike about her interesting stay in Japan especially her trip in the Cherry Blossom park.


  Lucy:My travel in Japan is fantastic. I love the feeling in such a clean and beautiful place like Japan.


  Mike:I am glad to hear you love your stay in Japan. What is your favorite thing in Japan?


  Lucy:I love wandering in the Cherry Blossom Park. It feels awesome like wandering in your dream.


  Mike:Actually cherry blossom represents a lot in the Japanese culture. That is why Japan is considered as the country of Cherry Blossoms.


  Lucy:I have been informed that cherry blossom is regarded as auspicious flowers.














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