英 [ˌeɪ bi: ˈes] 美 [æbz]

  abbr.anti-skid brake system. 防滑煞车系统; 丙烯腈-丁二烯-苯乙烯

  1. 绝对值:2.2.1 绝对值(ABS) 模式 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2-232.2.2 增量值(INC) 模式 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 2-25定位(MOV) 是指使各轴相互独立 以快进给速度(设定于各轴参数中的速度) 从当前位置到终点位置移根据 定位(MOV) 命令的移动轨迹不会成为直线插补的 直线 编程时 为了不使工具

  2. 美国船级社:先后获得了英国劳氏船级社(LR)、挪威船级社(DNV)和美国 船级社(ABS)等级社的工厂认可和产品检验证书. 具有AR2级压力容器设计资格许 可证书和制造许可证书、D级工业锅炉制造许可证书、B级余热锅炉制造许可证书.

  3. 通用塑料:产品简介: 安徽合肥日兴能源有限公司长期优惠出售进口: 通用塑料 (ABS) 名称 规格 产地/厂家..

  4. abs:assets-backed securitization; 资产证券化

  5. abs:antilock braking system; 防抱死制动系统

  6. Safety warning lights(brake, ABS, air bag, safety belt) for operation:- Clean body and door drain hol... | - Safety warning lights(brake, ABS, air bag, safety belt) for operation //又是功能性检查,安全警示灯(双闪?),刹车,ABS, 气囊,安全带 | - Cooling system fluid level and ...


  1. " He's trying to get his abs better than mine, " Wade said.

  2. The ABS said six of the eight states and territories across the country experienced a decrease for new vehicle sales in the month.

  3. It's no wonder then, that there are countless swimsuits aimed at enhancing or minimizing the abs.

  4. Women don't want a man just because he's big and strong and has abs like mine.

  5. The ABS said that turnover rose in all states of the country in the month of June.

  6. They are now in the custody of local police, according to a report filed by ABS CBN News Channel.

  7. The reality star with the chiseled abs was eliminated from " Dancing With the Stars " Tuesday.

  8. WABCO has been a pioneer in the development of ABS in cooperation with DaimlerChrysler since 1981.


  1. You can use the far aft stern bulkheads for the prop shaft bearing mount or use some ABS of PVC sheet to make the bearing mount as I did.


  2. The antilock braking system of the Toyota Lexus LS400 car is a three chanell antilock braking system with an independent control on two front wheels and with a same control on two rear wheels based on rule of choicing low Configuration, working principle and function as well as method of inspection and measurement of electronical computer lead terminals of the ABS in the car is presented

  凌志LS400轿车的ABS是一种对两前轮采用独立控制、对两后轮根据低选原则进行同一控制的三通道防抱死制动系统。介绍了凌志LS400轿车防抱死制动系统的组成、工作原理,以及该车的ABS 电脑引出脚的功能及检测方法。

  3. I hope, through the cooperation, by ABS orbing and learning the international advanced management experiences, operational mechanisms and production technologies, Yatai group can turn into a group with the international competitiveness and play a bigger role in cement industry structure adjustment, the optimization and upgrading of our cement industry.


  4. With the machine, lest the person and machine damage.

  PVC 和铁弗龙,ABS ,PC 等,以免造成对机器和人员的伤害

  5. All this plus a braking system with big discs on all four wheels and one of the most advanced ABS units with an electronic brake force distributor.


  6. ESP electronic stable program: the most important characteristic is being subjective; ESP is the continual function of the ABS system, through the analysis of the car driving information, and the braking of one wheel by ABS system, to help balance the vehicles.