1.These teachers try to be objective when they ________ the integrated ability of their students.

  A) justify

  B) evaluate

  C) indicate

  D) reckon

  2.Mrs. Morriss daughter is pretty and ________, and many girls envy her.

  A) slender

  B) light

  C) faint

  D) minor

  3.Tomorrow the mayor is to ________ a group of Canadian businessmen on a tour of the city.

  A) coordinate

  B) cooperate

  C) accompany

  D) associate

  4.Im ________ enough to know it is going to be a very difficult situation to compete against three strong teams.

  A) realistic

  B) conscious

  C) aware

  D) radical

  5.Can you give me even the ________ clue as to where her son might be?

  A) simplest

  B) slightest

  C) least

  D) utmost

  6.Norman Davis will be remembered by many with ________ not only as a great scholar but also as a most delightful and faithful friend.

  A) kindness

  B) friendliness

  C) warmth

  D) affection