if you want children to keep their feet on the ground, put someresponsibilityon theirshoulders. -abigail van buren

"i must do something" always solves more problems than "something must be done." -author unknown

a man sooner or later discovers that he is the master-gardener of his soul, the director of his life. -james allen

if youmess up, "fess up. -author unknown

responsibility"s like astringwe can only see the middle of. both ends are out of sight. -william mcfee, casuals of the sea, 1916

the willingness to accept responsibility for one"s own life is the source from which self-respect springs. -joan didion

most of us can read the writing on the wall; we just assume it"s addressed to someone else. -ivern ball

the great thought, the great concern, the great anxiety of men is to restrict, as much as possible, the limits of their own responsibility. -giosué borsi

we need to restore the full meaning of that old word, duty. it is the other side of rights. -pearl buck

being responsible sometimes means pissing people off. -colin powell

with everycivilright there has to be a corresponding civilobligation. -edison haines

when there is hell to pay, it is usually cheaper to pay it than to finance an endlesspurgatory. -robert brault

we have the bill of rights. what we need is a bill of responsibilities. -bill maher

when you blame others, you give up your power to change. -author unknown

theultimatefollyis to think that something crucial to your welfare is being taken care of for you. -robert brault

the best years of your life are the ones in which you decide your problems are your own. you do not blame them on your mother, theecology, or the president. you realize that you control your own destiny. -albert ellis

duty is what one expects from others. -oscar wilde

a new position of responsibility will usually show a man to be a far stronger creature than was supposed. -william james

mistakes fail in their mission of helping the person who blames them on the other fellow. -henry s. haskins

有关责任的英语名言 [篇2]

the responsibility is to own request to do have a kind of love. (goethe)


the rise and fall of the country is everyone"s affair. (guyanwu)


those i received his good man, and i will have responsibility for him. (liang qichao"s)


real progress man never to "lonely", "progress" for full, must have the responsibility, which made everyone progress, at least make the people around him were progress. (republic)


we are not born for himself, our country has given us the responsibility. (cicero)


to make everything around sparkles, oneself should also like a candle burning. gorky (story of cockroaches)


one can do its part, can feel like to eat pears drink like honey, the life of the cup to offset the taste of the cup."martin? jue-dickens said wei"


my duty is to want me to say i think fair conforms with the humanitarian words. whether this will make others like or dislike, that"s not my thing. i know text once published will automatically be circulated. i hope to sow them in the blood of earth. the harvest season will come. -roman? roland "beyond melee"


our mission is to illuminate the whole world, the world of darkness, melting find yourself and the world, set up the harmony between the inner harmony. gorky man "-


spirit is not anybody"s minions. we are the servants of the spirit. we have no other master. we live in is to spread its light, defend it light, all the people lost human set in it around. -roman? roland the pioneers"


the sun like a piece of red carbon, than deformity of cloud from light. all this suspended in the forest, oats over the field. a happy scene. and then i thought: no, the world is not a joke, not to the eternal heaven of the suffering of the valleys, but one of those happy world, it"s beautiful, joy(责任名言#url#). we can not only, and should make it more beautiful, more cheerful, in order to we contemporaries, also for future generations to come. the collection of tolstoy--


when a writer deeply feel and people of the flesh and blood of contact, which would give him to beauty and power. gorky literature letters.


one cannot eat one’s cake and have it.

一个人不能把他的糕饼吃掉之后还留在手上。 —— davies 戴维斯

we are here to add what we can to life, not to get what we can from it.

我们要尽可能为生活增加一些东西,而不是从中索取什么。—— william osler 奥斯勒

money is like muck, not good except it be spread.(francis bacon, british philosopher)

金钱好比粪肥,只有撒到在大地才是有用之物。(英国哲学家培根. f.)

sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing.(albert einstein, american scientist )

有时候一个人为不花钱得到的东西付出的代价最高。(美国科学家爱因斯坦. a.)

activity is the only road to knowledge. (george bernard shaw, british dramatist)

行动是通往知识的唯一道路 。 (英国剧作家 肖伯纳. g.)

the roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet.(aristotle, ancient greek philosopher )

教育的根是苦的,但其果实是甜的。( 古希腊哲学家亚里士多德)

有关责任的英语名言 [篇3]


the master of time, do a master is more responsible for yourself in the future.


how a person can take responsibility, can be made much success!


responsibility is not a burden to you, but you should have faith, do a responsible person.


in the face of children, there is love there is sense of responsibility, has the sense of responsibility will always love action.


the discovery of truth, or the completion of the first responsibility leads to our delight, our whole life.


sometimes, forget than remember good, remember can have too much responsibility, forget easygoing instead.


i miss my childhood, carefree, there is no responsibility, no heart, no pain.


goal is the responsibility of the management is put forward, in fact, this is his main responsibility.


the real managers must have not the spirit of responsibility.


with the power in the ace by responsibility, take the staff around by character.


we are not born for oneself, it is the responsibility of our country gives us.


in his will have complete freedom to act, he will assume full responsibility for his actions.


everything you should do is responsibility.


silence is the dilemma to choose and to prepare each other together, is irresponsible, is to avoid damage.


maturity not to see how big is your age, but see your shoulders strong enough to carry the responsibility of multiple.


people can"t follow one"s inclinations because of responsibility, responsibility is something you love, i would like to, but have to.


friendship is always a sweet responsibility, but never an opportunity.


work is power, power is responsibility, an ounce of power and responsibility.


the person must be responsible for the legal thing in the world. man of practice must be responsible for cause and effect.


the responsibility on their own, take action, this is called "serious".


because responsibility is free, this is the true meaning of life.


don"t be afraid to admit their mistakes, and assume the responsibility.


to make the essence of a person shows that he called him a kind of responsibility is the most efficient way.


don"t to hurt really love your boys, whether you like it or not. to be loved is also a kind of responsibility.


when love comes, we are ready to pay, or even giving is a kind of responsibility.


no reason no purpose without explanation as accountability, disappear.


the boss humility, is a kind of responsibility; humility on work colleagues, is a kind of courtesy; the deployment humility, is a kind of honor.


sometimes life drives me no choice. but i don"t give up. because i am a responsibility.


less told me this kind of irresponsible, bully is always joking, but have been very seriously bullied!


in the world of eternal recurrence, movements are the responsibility of the burden on.


high-profile work is a duty, a kind of spirit, a kind of the style of the best, a pursuit of the spirit.


life, if the associated with the era of high responsibility, you will be immortal.


liberty means responsibility. that is why most people are afraid of it.


any success that i enjoy, completely attributed to with high sense of responsibility of work for the client.


live in the now, have the responsibility to build the future.


maybe have a historical responsibility summon me, must i take.


we irresponsibly in a few words will be high, but fell one thousand, who also won"t go to catch her.


no more fortunate than actors. they can not take any responsibility and honor.


as a man, i hope you can for your decision, to take responsibility to the rest of the has to do with you.


life, if the associated with the era of high responsibility, you will feel it is immortal.


every mistake has its reasons and the excuse, it"s important that people should responsible for their mistakes.


"man" is not used to describe his brave, but the reward he take the responsibility!


the meaning of mature is to know and understand the nature of responsibility, learn to bear, learn to understand, learn to endure.


the so-called responsibility, not intentional who are willing to burden. the so-called fate, that is, each man has his way.


lovers every promise to put balance, this put the other end of the scale of social responsibility.


people can do their duty, can feel like eat pear drink honey, to offset this cup of bitter taste of life.


life there is no right or wrong, the pursuit of happiness is responsibility. it is homemade unfortunately most of the pain.


murder is a crime, it is my responsibility to find out the truth.


there is no love there would be no sense of responsibility, sense of responsibility like cannot last.


maybe i don"t know what is romantic, but i think love is a person of another person"s commitment and responsibility.


judgment of the wicked is the responsibility of god, we can do is send them to god as soon as possible.


when i was a child to grow up, want to have more freedom; grow up to try very hard to refuse to grow up, refused to heavy responsibility.


it is the responsibility of every life, all our life, is not of the evil, but that no kindness.


sometimes, bear more responsibility and be a good thing?


men"s quality is low, is not your responsibility; but not to improve the quality of the staff, it is your responsibility.


the real intellectuals should be of public power supervision responsibility.


ambiguous don"t need to be responsible for the feelings of others, but to be responsible for your feelings!


the first meaning of freedom is his own responsibility.


your own actions, regardless of right or wrong, should be taught to take responsibility, can"t always escape, hear?


have a variety of eternal responsibility history and philosophy, and is also the responsibility of the si-mp-le.


you can"t replace who take responsibility. here is like a desert, we can only adapt to the desert.


although responsibility boring sometimes, but fails to perform the responsibility, can only be a coward, a waste.


the leader"s responsibility, sum up, the main is an idea, with two things.


if a person has the sense of responsibility, then he will try to do everything perfectly.


more responsibility, they are more happy.


do have a heart, deep flavor of meaning and responsibility and the effort.


the desire to do better this stuff if it doesn"t matter. but must, must have the sense of responsibility.


when work is a kind of happiness, life is beautiful. when work is a duty, life is slavery.


no burden, is the biggest burden of life. responsibility is obligation and rights.


the so-called "serious", it is no matter how the environment and situation, also is completely finished own responsibility.


love is a kind of responsibility, the love, also want to their duty. 

有关责任的英语名言 [篇4]

if you get into difficulties, it is not the fault of your parents, you should not be the responsibility onto others, and to learn to learn from it.


power invariably means both responsibility and danger .(theodore roosevelt, american president)


it is no use doing what you like; you have got to like what you do. winston churchill, british prime minister


if you want your children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shouldres.

你若希望你的孩子总是脚踏实地, 就要让他们负些责任。

every soil where he is well, is to a valiand man his natural country. (masinger phililp, british dramatist)

勇敢的人随遇而安,所到之处都是故乡。(英国剧作家 菲利普.m.)

go where he will, the wise man is at home his harth the earth, his hall the azure dome. (r.w.emerson, american thinker)


happy are the families where the government of parents is the reign of affection, and obedience of the children the submission to love. (francis bacon, british philosopher)


he is the happiest ,be he king or peasant , who finds peace in his home. (johann wolfgang von goethe, german dramstist and poet)

无论是国王还是农夫,家庭和睦是最幸福的。(德国剧作家、诗人歌德. j.w.)

home is the girl"s prison and the woman"s workhouse. (grorge bernard shaw, british dramstist)

家是姑娘的监狱,女人的教-养-院。(英国剧作家 肖伯纳.g.)

home is the place where ,when you have to go there , it has to take you in. (frost robert, american poet)

无论何时何地家永远是向游子敞开大门的地方。(美国诗人 罗伯特.f.)

how sharper than a serpent"s tooth is to have a thankless child. (william shakespeare, british dramatist)


husbands and wives in the process of divorce (and those in the throes of another argument )easily fall into the trap of denigraging the other, publicly if possible, and as often as possible. (howards mel, american writer)

正在闹离婚的(包括那些处于吵闹不停的痛楚中的)夫妻们很容易陷在对方的泥沼中不能自拔, 这种诋毁是尽可能公开的,尽量频繁地进行。(美国作家 梅尔.h.)

i don"nt know who my grandfather was. i" m much more concerned to know what his grandson will be. (abraham lincoln, american president)


if you want your children to keep their feet on the ground, put some responsibility on their shouldres. (joh brnyan btitish ssayist)

你若希望你的孩子总是脚踏实地, 就要让他们负些责任。(英国散文家 班扬,j.)

it was the policy of the good old gentlemen to make his chileren feel that home was the happiest place in the world; and i value this delicious home---feeling as one of the choicest gifts a parent can bestow. (irvng washington, father of literature of the united states.)

让孩子感到家庭是世界上最幸福的地方,这是以往有涵养的大人明智的做法。这种美妙的家庭情感,在我看来,和大人赠给孩子们的那些最精致的礼物一样珍贵。(美国文学之父华盛顿. i.)

mariage may be compared to a cage:the birds outside deapair to get in and those within despair to get out. (michel de montaigne, french (宽容名言#url#)thinker and ssayist)


有关责任的英语名言 [篇5]


the rise and fall, fortunes。


responsibility is born, unavoidable。


when work is a duty, life is slavery。


men first charm is the sense of responsibility。


everyone should shoulder the responsibility。


the real responsibility is to believe yourself。


friendship is a kind of responsibility。


mr responsibility is to teach the person。


responsibility is to own request to do。


responsibility is a noble, great price。


everything you should do is responsibility。


life and noble responsibility together。


friendship is always a sweet responsibility。


responsibility is responsible to others and from ourselves。


humility to their superiors, is a kind of responsibility。


art should shoulder the responsibility of the feeding thoughts。


teacher"s prestige first built on a responsibility heart。


the sense of responsibility is proportional to the opportunity。


the real managers must have not the spirit of responsibility。


the first meaning of freedom is his own responsibility。


a person with a person when, a man is supposed to。


anyone who i trained him good, i have responsibility for him。


how a person can take responsibility, can be made much success!


life associated with lofty responsibility will never die。


how a person can take responsibility, can be made much success!


this social respect those who fulfill the responsibility for it。


conscientious people a sense of responsibility and the dedication to work。


we are the master of the country, should be everywhere in the nation"s sake。


society is like a boat, everyone has to have pilots to prepare。


we are not born for oneself, it is the responsibility of our country gives us。


information responsible suffering in life, to know the pleasure of responsibility。


the completion of the discovery of truth or moral responsibility will cause our joy。


if a person has the sense of responsibility, then he will try to do everything perfectly。


the sense of responsibility is to do anything for a kind of usual and strive to perfect state of mind。


responsibility is not a burden to you, but you should have faith, do a responsible person。


responsibilities and rights are twins, want to enjoy rights, and then have the courage to take responsibility。


any success that i enjoy, completely attributed to with high sense of responsibility of work for the client。


to make the essence of a person shows that he called him a kind of responsibility is the most efficient way。


have a variety of eternal responsibility history and philosophy, and is also the responsibility of the si-mp-le。


in his will have complete freedom to act, he will assume full responsibility for his actions。


goal is the responsibility of the management is put forward, in fact, this is his main responsibility。


although responsibility boring sometimes, but fails to perform the responsibility, can only be a coward, a waste。


the sense of responsibility and effectively appointment position is one of the elements of a successful business。


modern enterprise management major responsibility is to seek business goals and personal goals are consistent。


for example, if a person is no passion, he will accomplish nothing, and warm basis points it is sense of responsibility。


everyone should have such confidence: people can bear responsibility, i will bear; people have been able to bear the responsibility, i also can lose。


there are a lot of things, as long as we have them in blindness, lack of consciousness, can become our burden, become our burden。


our position on the rise, our responsibility is gradually increasing。 rise increasingly high, the heavy responsibility。 the expansion of power increased responsibilities。


there is a power from you that the beating heart, it will guide you to do what you think is important, and will try my best, this is the sense of responsibility。