导语: 现代民间习惯上把过春节又叫做过年。其实,年和春节的起源是很不相同的。以下是小编为大家分享的春节的来历英文版加翻译,欢迎借鉴!

  The Spring Festival Legend, many many years ago, in the beautiful mountains of fixed Yangshan, there is a modest village.

  The village on the hillside, there is a small stone house, there lived a man named million years of youth.

  He came from a poor family, to gather firewood herb digging for a living.

  When the festival was a mess, make people unable to farm crops.

  Million years is a calculation of youth, want to seasonal Dingzhun, but, I do not know where to start.

  One day, a million years of mountain firewood, sitting under a tree to rest, shadow movement inspired him, he made a sundial shadow calculation, measuring the length of the day.

  However, the days are overcast fog rain clouds, impact survey record.

  He wanted to do a time recording apparatus, good make up for lack of a sundial.

  That day, he dug up the mountain medicine, come to the fountain to drink water, cliff springs rhythmic ticking, attracted his attention.

  He looked at the springs out of god.

  Thought for a while, return the home in, drawing, tried, made of five layers of clepsydra.

  Since then, he measured the sun's shadow, hope Water Leakage, diligently.

  Slowly, he found every 360 days, the length of day will repeat again.

  The shortest day of the winter solstice.

  Then the emperor named Zu Yi.

  Seasonal arrhythmia, make him very worried.

  The convening of the officials.

  Chaoyi seasonal failure trapped.

  Seasonal officer called A Heng, do not know the sun and the moon and the operation rules, say that people Zuoshi inadvertently offended the gods.

  Only the devout kneel Festival, to get on God's forgiveness.

  B just vegetarians bath.

  Collar Baiguan to Tiantan worship, and had set a national, heaven.

  But offering sacrifices to, did not work, the season is still a mess; around the people in order to build the altar and service, but also come to donate, really bile mixed berberine.

  Add bitter bitter.

  Million years could not bear.

  He took his sundial and clepsydra met with the emperor.

  Years met with the emperor, saying that the winter solstice, the sun and the moon about the operation cycle.

  Zu Yi listens, exultation in heart, even the construction, building sun and moon Pavilion in front of the Tiantan, built on the sundial Taiwan, building on the Louhu pavilion.

  And dialed twelve Scouts serve million years.

  Million years let six children keep sundial, six boys keep clepsydra, meticulously recorded on time report.

  One day, b let Aheng to sun and moon Ge asked for calendars, calendar years pointing to grass says: "sunrise and sunset three hundred and sixty, again and again from the beginning.

  The change of vegetation in four, a round twelve years.

  " Aheng listens, deep sleep is reasonable, but the hearts of uneasy.

  He thought: if the million years to seasonal Dingzhun, Emperor heart Hi, reuse million years, who will listen to me Aheng? Aheng to think ah, wanted to get rid of thousands of years.

  The day Aheng found out a good shot to benefit customers, will send people to go home, put on the banquet, explaining the reasons, perhaps in the heavy ceremony.

  The night went to assassinate assassin promise.

  Days to pay two drums, taking advantage of revelry left A Heng assassin, ran to the sun and the moon pavilion.

  But around Tiantan, the sun and the moon you, a guard strictly, the assassin cannot come near, you pull bows and arrows to the sun and the moon Pavilion on the positive view astrology million years to shoot.

  Who know the assassin too much drink, eyes faint, arrows only shot in the arm thousands of years.

  Million years Oh fell on the ground, the boy book took the thief.

  Guards heard the cry, turned out to catch the assassin, twist the emperor.

  Zu B inquire the truth, Messenger will Aheng accept supervision, and made prints the palace years on Sun cabinet visit.

  Years was very moved, pointing to Shen star said: "Shen Xing caught up with silkworm 100 stars, stars restoration, night jiaozi, old has ended, and the beginning of spring, hope the emperor set a day.

  " Zu Yi said: "spring is the beginning of the year, called the Spring Festival.

  Aiqing cabinet, three contained no, be loyal and faithful, to the full moon as quasi produced lunar calendar, is really too high virtue.

  Now my minister was crafty plot, with me into the palace nursed back to health.

  " Million years said: "the lunar calendar although newly established, but is not very accurate, drip hour had left the end of the year.

  If not the end of this end of the year when the moisture in, Riyuerusuo, over the past calendar wrong again.

  His negative beings hope, by the emperor grace, may the heart sun and moon Pavilion, careful calculation, the calendar established grass.

  " In this way, a million years in the sun and the moon Pavilion, carefully observe the vegetation Mai Shu's ups and downs, carefully calculated, end of the year when the plot on a Yuerun in.

  In May of that year, Zu B to Tiantan for offering, offering Ye gods, and boarded the sun and the moon Pavilion, the ritual May fresh peach gave million years.

  Million year lunar calendar, Zu B looked toil day and night million years, Mei also white, must also white, deeply moved, put the lunar calendar named calendar, also for years closed Shouxing sun.

  Therefore, people later also called the Spring Festival, Chinese new year when the house often hang Shouxing map, a symbol of the new year old longevity, but also on the high virtue million years sent to nostalgia.


  传说,很多很多年以前,在山青水秀的定阳山下,有个小村庄。村头山坡上,有间小石屋,住着一个名叫万年的少年。他家境贫寒,以打柴挖药为生。那时节令很乱,弄得庄稼人无法种田。万年是个有心计的少年,想把节令定准,可是,不知从哪里下手。 一天,万年上山打柴,坐在树下歇息,树影的移动启发了他,他就制了一个日晷,测日影计算一天的长短。可是,天有云阴雾雨,影响测记。他就想再做一件记时器具,好弥补日晷的不足。一天,他上山挖药,来到泉边喝水,崖上的泉水有节奏地滴答滴答地响着,引起了他的注意。他望着泉水出了神。思索了一阵,回到家里,画了画,试了试,做成了五层漏壶。以后,他测日影,望漏水,勤勤奋奋。慢慢的,他发现每隔三百六十多天,天时的长短就会从头重复一遍。最短的一天在冬至。 那时的天子叫祖乙。节令失常,使他很着急。就召集百官。朝议节令失常之困。节令官叫阿衡,不知道日月运行的规律,就说是人们作事不慎,得罪了天神。

  只有虔诚跪祭,才能得到上神的宽耍祖乙就斋素沐裕领百官去天坛祭祀,并传谕全国,设台祭天。 但祭来祭去,不见收效,时令照旧很乱;各地的老百姓为了修建祭台又得服役,又得出捐,真是胆汁拌黄连。苦中加苦。万年忍不住了。就带着他的日晷和漏壶会见天子。 万年见了天子,说了冬至点,讲了日月运行周期。祖乙听罢,心中大喜,即令大兴土木,在天坛前修建日月阁,筑上日晷台,造上漏壶亭。又拨了十二个童子服侍万年。万年让六个童子守日晷,六个童子守漏壶,精心记录,按时报告。 一天,祖乙让阿衡去日月阁询问制历情况,万年指着草历说:“日出日落三百六,周而复始从头来。草木枯荣分四时,一岁月有十二圆。”阿衡一听,深觉是理,心中却不安起来。他暗想:要是万年把节令定准,天子心喜,重用万年,谁还听我阿衡的?阿衡想啊想啊,一心想把万年除掉。 那天阿衡打听出一个善射的利客,就派人请到家里,摆上酒筵,说明原由,许以重礼。刺客答应当夜就去行刺。天交二鼓,刺客趁酒兴离开了阿衡,向日月阁奔去。怎奈天坛周围,日月阁下,有卫士严守,刺客不能近前,就拉弓搭箭向日月阁上正观星象的万年射去。

  谁知刺客喝酒过多,眼睛发昏,飞箭只射中万年的胳膊。万年哎呀一声倒在地上,众童子急呼拿贼。卫士们听到喊声,一齐出动,捉住刺客,扭见天子。 祖乙问明实情,传令将阿衡收了监,又立印出宫登上日月阁看望万年。万年非常感动,指着申星说:“申星追上了蚕百星,星象复原,夜交子时,旧岁已完,时又始春,望天子定个节吧。” 祖乙说:“春为岁首,就叫春节吧。爱卿入阁,三载不出,披肝沥胆,以月圆为准制出太阴历,真是功高德重。如今爱卿被奸佞暗算,且随我到宫中调养吧。” 万年说:“太阴历虽然草创,但还不十分准确,岁尾还剩有点滴时辰。如不把这岁末尾时润进去,日月如梭,过来过去又会错历。臣负众生所望,深受皇上之恩,愿碎心日月阁,细心推算,把草历定准。” 就这样,万年在日月阁中,仔细观察草木麦菽的荣枯,精心推算,把岁末尾时积日成月润了进去。那年五月,祖乙到天坛行祭,祭罢天神,又登上日月阁,把祭神的五月鲜桃赐给万年。万年献上太阴历,祖乙望着日夜操劳的万年,眉也白了,须也白了,深受感动,就把太阴历定名为万年历,还封万年为日月寿星。因此,后来人们也把春节称做年,每每过年之时屋里挂上寿星图,寓意新岁添寿,也是对功高德重的万年寄以怀念之情。