英 [hʌg] 美 [hʌɡ]

  及物/不及物动词 热烈地拥抱,抱住,紧抱

  及物动词紧靠…走; 抱有,持有

  名词 紧抱,热烈拥抱

  不及物动词 缠紧,缚紧(某物,尤指人体)


  1. 拥抱;紧抱:13.greeting 致敬;问候;(复数)致意;赞词 | 14.hug 拥抱;紧抱 | 15.lavish 过分大方的;浪费的;丰富的

  2. 清洗空气系统:HUD 气--气加热器 | HUG 清洗空气系统 | HUY 控制和保护设备



  1. They hugged each other for the success.


  2. The road hugs the side of the mountain.


  3. He hugged his daughter.



  1. The old friends hugged when they met.



  1. She gave her son a hug and put him to bed.



  1. Rivera received a huge hug from catcher Jorge Posada in front of the mound.

  2. Jackson said he would often hug or play with his chimp Bubbles to relax after a hard day's work.

  3. Police said a drunken man was arrested after he cursed at an officer who refused to give him a hug.

  4. Lai gave a big hug to the little girl, and Chen Yunlin patted her affectionately.

  5. " That hug is the biggest affirmation of my coaching success and it meant a lot, " she said.

  6. Gu Gu first made news in 2007 when he bit a drunken tourist who jumped into his pen and tried to hug him.

  7. We came here to give him a hug in the name of the Ecuadorian people.

  8. Police were investigating Wednesday after Gu Gu bit a drunken Chinese tourist who jumped into the enclosure and tried to hug him on Tuesday.

  9. Even if the hug is only for three seconds, devote your total energy and focus on the person you are hugging.

  10. When he came off the floor for the final time in the fourth, coach Phil Jackson gave him a high five and a hug.