My College---My New Life

  New life begins! I've been expecting this moment for a long time.Finally,I become a college student .

  All good things must come to an end ! I am now apart from my family members and many good friends.I am awared that I will have to do everything on my own .

  Being responsible is the exact thing that I am supposed to think about! I'm now dealing something responsibly with my new rommates.I enjoy being together with them,they just like my good friends in high school,being kind and thoughtful !

  My college is a place for a new beginning ,I'm sure I'm taking a new life ,everything here is full of challenge,quite different from things in high school,teachers are not going to tell you exactly what you are going to do ,you will have to make your own decisions.

  So far,I'm geting along so well with people aroud me ,college provides me with chances and challenge,I'm going to make a difference to my life!And I have every confidence on myself.I will still have to move on......


  My College

  When I was in high school, go to college ismy dream. Now I realize my dream. excited as I am, the first time I see mycollege.

  My college is inside the biggest universityof Guangxi so that everytime I have to across a big campus to go out. At first Iam upset about that, but later on I get used to it. My college looksmodernization in general. When I arrive at the school gate, the first thing isthe boys’ dormitory and then is the playground. Look up! I see the canteen. I seethe girls’ dormitory turn left. But where is my classroom? I look around butcan’t find it. It turns out that it is separated by burrows. It’s strange,right? While I go across the burrow, I see another two big playgrounds and a tenniscourt at my left side. What is in my right side? Turn right, I see rows ofteaching building connecting with the library. This is mycollege. I like it notonly because of the evironment but also the people there.

  Both the teachers and students there arevery nice. My roomates always help me in the daily life, the thing they usuallydo is wake me up in the morning. Other classmates always help me, when I meettrouble in study. My teachers are all kind and knowlegeable. Especially my headteacher, he talks with us and plays sports with us in order to make us get usedto the new life.

  My college is wonderful. I love it. If youhave the opportunity, I hope you can pay a visit one day.


  My campus

  My campus activities are rich and colorful.Learning English has become a habit to me cause I plan to study abroad in next few years.Playing Guzheng is my favorite activity.I have kept on practising it since I was a little girl and I wish to win more competitions in my campus life.

  Our university has the first level equipments and the most experienced teachers,also has the best students(laugh).I consider it to be a honor that I've got a chance to study here and I sincerely hope that we could live wonderful lives in our campus!


  My College

  The college life is wonderful. All life in school are fresh. New teachers, new CLASSmates and fresh friends are around me。 The grand library, school buildings and wide playground are very attracting to me. I am very eager to learn much knowledge quickly. In high school, I was ever called as a runner before time. Now,I know I am behind time so much in fact. I hope to catch up with the time by my hard studying. When I entered the CLASSroom at first time, I was headache as I couldn’t understand what the professor was speaking. I met much difficulties at math, physics and other courses, even though I used to be good at these sciences. Therefore, I learn these courses myself after CLASS. After three months, the exmination indicated that I overcame all the difficlties. I study English hard as well. It makes me have many chances to communicate with foreigners. I made friends with many foreign teachers and students. From them, I learn many knowledge about foreign culture.

  Besides study, my college life is also very colorful. I’d like to take any chance to improve my communication skill. Last year, I organized a speech match in management department. All the CLASSmates were very interested in this kind of activity. I learned from them much about their hometown, their knowledge and opinions.

  My college life is long and short. I believe that I can spend a good time in the four years. I hope I will have no any regretion when I look back the short youth of college in the future.


  My University

  This is the first journal of the college English, I'm not sure what to talk about. With a little moment's consideration, I would like to type down something about my university life.

  As I firstly entered the campus, it was not a pleasant journey. Because of the heavy rain, my baggage got terribly wet, which took me a whole day to wish and dry them. And then came the Freshman Military Training. Though it was exhausted and awful, it was still meaningful in someway I think. Fortunately, the military training finished in 3 weeks and finally we got into main subject, our real university life.

  If someone ask me "How do you think of your university life? " Now, I would reply with "different "and "challenging "without hesitation. As I have been in university for a week, I get to realize university life is so much different from what I thought before. When I was busy with the College Entrance Exam, I thought the university means less pressure, fewer subjects, more freedom, more spare time and a lovely girlfriend. I once fancied I could see wind blows woods and takes the noisy of birds away. I once fancied I could share sweet sunshine and peaceful air with a girl. I once fancied I could only spend 30% of a day studying, and the rest 70% is my own. But now, I find I have to preview, review and practise for 70% of a day, and hurry to sleep for the other 30%. In university, fewer subjects stands for more difficult knowledge, meanwhile, more spare time means wider knowledge area. Just like what a fellow student say, "In the NPU, you pay one person's fee, learn two personal majors, do three people's homework and beat against seven men to win a love. "

  And I think, in university, it's a kind of chance to get more knowledge, eat more snacks, spend more money, try more new things and say good-bye to my teenage life to get ready for another big world.


  My University

  I am a sophmore of Nanchang University.Now i want to introduce to you guys about my university.It has a long history back to the fifties of last century.As it locate far away from the city center ,the most prosperous place,you may think the traffic is totally unconvenient,then you are wrong,instead of unconvenient ,there are a lot of transportation tools that will take you to where you want to go at any time.when it going to say about facilities and faculites,i will say they are excellent and helpful.I cherish friendship and like to make as many friends as i can and i found out that the students there are have a heart of gold ,and are hospital.So,that's my university,it is not the best one but i still love it .I can foresee that i will enjoiy my life on campus from now.


  My University——Fudan

  No classical work could pervade every cubic centimeter of air with such cultural fragrance but she.

  No judicious sage could merge various elements as a magnificent poem but she.

  No green tree could consist of vivid cells arousing every heart's anxiety for being young forever but she.

  She is my university Fudan University.

  The first time I entered the campus as a freshman, I was deeply attracted by her cultural atmosphere and historical connotation. Fudan is a graceful lady who is accustomed to serenity but meanwhile each action of hers outpours her innermost tern perament. Apparently it is worth every effort to probe into her world for the sake of both physical and mental enrichment. Her humanistic spirit inspires me to care for everything around, even the most trivial one.

  On the other hand, catching up with the times, Fudan is modern and smart. You see, the many age-old buildings here are actually great libraries and labs. Scientific and technological developrnent is easily smelt in the air,because she never lags behind the world.

  Fabulously, such a historical and scientific school is far more than an operational mechanism. Her everlasting youth and vigor beam through every corner of the campus and the young in school vivify every piece of concrete and wood here. What makes me happy and strong is that it perpetuates me with unfading energy. And it is definitely beneficial for me to be granted enthusi

  Another deep impression of my university is her creativity and profundity. As is known to all, she has a wide range and comprehensive style. No wonder I can enjoy the multi-ceolored life here. Every school year a diversity of competitions and aetivities are held and a large number of students take active part in them. I do appreciate such a style, and in my mind's eye, she resembles a tall tree silhouetting with all shapes of branches while stretching far into the blue sky.

  Undoubtedly there is a world of difference between university and high school. University students are supposed to enjoy more freedom to develop themselves. However, Fudan seems more concerned about the efficient cooperation and teamwork among students as to prepare them for the competitive society. I believe upon graduation I will be equipped with abundant skills to face more unknown challenges.

  After all, in my opinion, university is for more cultivated character, richer knowledge and greater abilities. That's why I chose Fudan. She provides me with what I've dreamed of.

  Now all kinds of successes are in sight every day, and all I have to do is endeavor for a more beautiful future...


  My Impression of University Life

  How time flies! One month has passed before I could take any notice of it. This is the start of my freshman year in Fudan University. At the very beginning, everything and everyone is strange to me. But now, everyday and in everyway, I am getting better;I am getting used to it.

  I would like to tell you two things in my university life that are of great importance and interest.

  Freedom is what I am looking forward to since the very first day of my primary school. A lot of people said to me, "Study hard, and you will get freedom when in university." But when I really entered university, I find the real situation is different.Freedom costs me a lot. If I refuse to wash my clothes, for example, they will just lay there, unclean. In a word, I have to do everything and take care of myself. Well, it doesn‘t mean that I don‘t like the life style. On the contrary, I like it very much though it is hard at the beginning. It is really a challenge for me.

  I appreciate a famous saying from Albert Camus, "Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better." That‘s right. Real freedom comes with responsibility. Some teenagers believe that freedom means doing whatever you like. But I think that is not real freedom at all. One can have his or her own freedom, while at the same time respect others‘. It is not easy to think on behalf of others. University life provides me with this precious chance to practice it.

  Another thing I want to mention is love. Love in the university is different from other places. In my secondary school, love among students are strictly forbidden. But since it is human nature to desire for something that is not allowed, there are still some some lovebirds flying around us. Parents and teachers are unwilling to see it happen. They make great efforts to stop these birds flying. I still remember two of my friends who were threatened to leave school by my teachers finally had to end their puppy love, though unwillingly.

  But now, something interesting in Fudan is that love exists everywhere. For instance, the first lesson of my English class is about love. A small play in the Yingxin (Freshmen Welcome Party) called "Turn Left and Turn Right" is about students love in Fudan. Some of my roommates have boyfriends. At night,while lying in bed, we always share their love stories. What‘s more, even our instructor once said, "In our department, girls are more than boys. So we will have a party with the Chemistry Department, the situation in which is just the opposite. I was surprised about the attitude towards love here. Is our instructor encouraging us to find someone to fall in love with? I cannot understand it quite well.

  What I mentioned above are the two things impressed me most at the very beginning of my freshmen year. They are surely my first impression, and I am sure with the process of my university life I will get more out of it.


  My past university

  I want to talk about my past university—Shan Xi Da Tong University. It not only provided me learning environment, but also provided me social practice platform. That is to say, I am not only acquired basic knowledge but also learnt how to get along well with others in four years’ university life .I missed these places mostly, library, student union and my dormitory. I used to study in library because it’s learning environment is very good and it has many kinds of books, but seats are limited; I took part in the student union when I was a freshman. I made more friends and actived in many extracurricular activities in union, but it often took a lot of time; I like my dormitory best. I shared my happiness and sorrows with my room-mates and I relaxed myself sufficiently in it. But the condition of my dormitory is poor. Above all, University is my unforgettable place. I spent most of my extra-study time in library. Generally speaking, It is a good study place. Firstly, the atmosphere of study is strong, but sometimes someone would receive and make calls, which would impact others’ study. If it can provide a few of fountains, the library would be perfect. Secondly, it has abundant of professional books, thus I can access to needed information timely when I encountered problems in study.

  Besides, there are also all kinds of magazine, so I can relax myself and expand my vision when I was tired of studying. But the limited time of borrowed books is short. Last but not least, the seats are limited, which disturbed me very much. I had to go to the library line up very early just for seat. But the desks and chairs are big enough, which gave me much space to think and study and reduced the impact between students. The desks and chairs are tidy and comfortable. All in all, I like our library very much.

  I took part in the student union when I was a freshman. I made many friends in union. I exchanged my idea with others. I enhanced my ability to communicate with others, but I fed up with some students in union because I don’t like their character; I took part in many activities in union, which enhanced my practice skills and accumulated a lot of social experience, but it occasionally made me embarrassed in activities; It took me a lot of time in union, which influenced my study. But at the same time, I eiched my college life and made full use of my spare time. All in all, I think it is worthy to join in the union.

  I missed my dormitory and my room-mates. The reasons as follows: Firstly, I shared my happinesses and sorrows with my room-mates.in dormitory we talked and sung loudly and we made on decision on something by absorbing everyone’s advice; but we inevitably had little contradictions sometimes. Secondly, I relaxed myself sufficiently. I shout

  big sleep when I was tired of one day’ study to alleviated fatigue and I freely vented myself. But thanks to personal habits are different, we didn’t reach on agreement on something. Lastly, the most regrettable is that the condition of my dormitory is poor. The room is small and there is not bathroom; but I feel very warmly because it’s my another family. I missed my dormitory very much especially my room-mates.

  Generally speaking, my college life is interesting and rewarding. I was not only learnt basic professional knowledge but also made many friends and enhanced my practical skills. The library provided me a good learning environment. The union gave me practice platform. The dormitory made me become a happiness girl. I missed my past university very much. Now, I am in a new university and I think I will spend a more meaningfull postgraduate life in there .


  My College Life

  The college life is very colorful . At school ,we can become more and more excellent though our efforts. I think I should make a little progress every day, slowly is better than I am now.

  Now, as a sophomore, I am feeling the time flies. Recalling about the past one year, so many though are flooding in my mind.

  The first day of school, I am still unhappy because of own University got so bad, do not know how to treat future learning. Also think anything of my psychological. On that day, when brother sent me into dormitory, said to me a lot. He told me that as a college student should be learning and attitude to life, and said that university examinations are the most simple, should be excellent. His words let me enlightened .Yes, I should believe in myself.

  At night, dormitories were almost all to be aligned. They are all very friendly. Although we can have by chance is not happy, but everybody together in the dormitory frequently can have very many joys. I very like such dormitory atmosphere. We should cherish these unique students. And I love my professional .Because I can learn what I like about the psychology and pedagogy, as well as painting, etc.

  All roads lead to Rome.  I hope I can do something on education job.  Teachers give me a lot of help in learning, I am sincerely grateful to them, they are all very good.

  The life is a gift .On the weekends, I go and play table-tennis and badminton with my classmates, develop my own more hobbies. And, now, I want to lean playing guitar.

  I should lean English well, I hope one day I can go to travel abroad, and can communicate in English with others.

  I believe I'll certainly for the efforts made by the university sincerely glad of I refueling own.

  I looking forward to many good changes in my own lives .


  The bright and dark sides of my university life

  Every coin has two sides. On the one hand, I am quite satisfied with my university life. On the other hand, life in my university is not as satisfactory as what we had expected.

  Here is the bright side of my university life: Firstly, Equipment of my university is advanced and teacher team is powerful. There is an advanced library that owns all kinds of books. So we can acquire a lot of knowledge from my university. Secondly, all sorts of lectures are given on campus. We can learn much knowledge that is interesting. Thirdly, my

  campus activities are rich and colorful. Such as sports meets, speech contests, different social gatherings and dancing parties provide opportunities to make friends. What’s more, my dormitory life is very harmonious. Dormitory life is an important part of my university life. On the one hand, we can have a good rest and put our heart into study. On the other hand, we will have a good mood and enjoy being together.

  This is the dark side of my university life: Firstly, there is only one dining room in my university. So we often need to wait in a long line, which waste much time. Everyday is always fixed cuisine types, which make our appetites depressed. Secondly, self-study room is not enough. Now we will soon take final exam. So it is difficult to find a self-study room. What’s more, network of my university is very unstable. It is difficult to search

  literature in my dormitory, which waste too much time.In short, I am quite satisfied with my university life, but there is still some room for improvement. I am convinced that my university life will become better and better.